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Reviving a campaign

Shenouda, a veteran at triage missions, marshals and deploys resources to salvage and transform struggling projects. FarmFresh needed to revive its dormant fundraising campaign and connect with donors. Text-heavy, unfocused collateral, which included a newsletter, brochure and correspondence, needed a facelift.

Wanda Wordsmith, a writer with knowledge of agricultural issues, and Larry Layout, a graphic designer, created material that was united visually and thematically. Wordsmith’s prose touched on the implications of current agricultural topics to nutrition and health. Layout’s luscious portrayals of organic produce connected farming issues to everyday life. The deliverables established brand identity, reinforced the organization’s mission and attracted attention.

Executive director of FarmFresh commented, “Donors responded to our new collateral very favorably. They showed enthusiasm for our organization and demonstrated their support through their checkbook. What a difference clear, well-written communications can make.”

This account of the magic we work is a composite representation that is intended to showcase our process.

Chip Mega Editor

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal is excellent, well thought out and laid out. Anyone who takes it seriously and actually completes the exercises will have created a valuable living document to help navigate through their work and life.

Stephen J. Healey
author, Mid-Life Re-Creation

our process

Initiate and plan

  • Write a proposal.
  • Conduct and write an audience analysis and a task analysis.
  • Develop a document plan.
  • Collect, review and analyze all existing material.

Design and develop

  • Develop working outlines.
  • Develop templates.
  • Create illustrations, call-outs and screen captures.
  • Research content by reading original sources, using the product and interviewing subject matter experts.
  • Organize, write, proofread and edit all content.
  • Perform desktop publishing activities.

Review, validate and revise

  • Review for accuracy, completeness, consistency, readability and usability.
  • Incorporate editorial and content recommendations from reviews.
  • Edit the English version to facilitate localization and translation.
  • Validate publications for accuracy.
  • Update publications to reflect changes and additions to the product.
  • Recommend improvements to the readability and usability of the user interface software.

Publish, deliver, close and maintain

  • Provide printers and translation companies with information required to estimate printing and translation costs.
  • Work with product localization groups to manage the translation of software, packaging and publications.
  • Produce final, camera-ready deliverables.
  • Create and distribute bookmarked pdf files.
  • Provide all files for the project history file.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the communication project and incorporate the results into a document maintenance plan.


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