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Liftoff to product launch

Shenouda team members Wanda Wordsmith, technical writer, Chip Mega, editor, and Larry Layout, graphic designer, demonstrate alacrity and acumen. They are equipped with knowledge of the product, industry and protocol for document development.

On the new FoFi product, the Shenouda team researched, wrote and edited content for the quick start and user guides, training modules and the FoFi Web site. The content was impeccably prepared with concise, clear instructions and no ambiguity of meaning.

The FoFi product launch material helped the product became a valuable source of revenue. Company executives applauded the FoFi product team, which included the Shenouda resources, for developing a product that exceeded projected sales.

When the customized publications we develop enable our clients to achieve their business goals, we succeed. The bottom line, as always, is our client’s success.

This account of the magic we work is a composite representation that is intended to showcase our communication solutions.

Chip Mega Editor

Judy is one of the clearest thinkers I know. She is insightful and articulate and I am continually impressed with her ability to see through to the core of an issue. Judy is an excellent resource for brainstorming and editing final work.

Douglas Parker
Account Vice President
Sage Rutty & Company

our company

your advantage

When we develop your communication products, both those intended to support the products that you sell and service as well as those intended to support your business processes, expect the best to occur:

  • Your projects proceed smoothly.
  • Your work gets done on time, on budget and according to your specifications.
  • Your staff is enhanced with new, creative perspectives.
  • You and your staff have the time to do what you do best.
  • Customers purchase your products and use your services.
  • Your business remains competitive and profitable in a global marketplace.

our mission

Guided by the principle that our clients’ success is our success, we keep pace with global technologies and trends, ever mindful of how our solutions secure a competitive edge for our clients.

Our clients’ organizational cultures often include shortened product life cycles, reengineered processes, reorganization, expansion and flux. We remain mindful of the culture’s impact on those with whom we interact.

From project start to completion, we keep sight of the importance of our work. Throughout each publication project, we focus on the details. We dot the i’s and cross the t’s to demonstrate excellence and ensure quality results.

We expect that our efforts will result in cultivating satisfied clients who will continue to use our services and recommend them to others anywhere in the world. We approach our work with order and maturity, with cooperation and respect. The result? Long-time clients who value our work and our workers.


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