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writing and editorial services

With a keen understanding of effective communication, we research, design and develop the professional publications that launch your products, streamline your processes and promote your business.

staffing services

During peak times, we staff your projects with knowledge workers and creative talent, including communication specialists, instructional designers, project managers, localization editors, Web developers and IT support.

speaking services

At your organization’s conference and your business events, we present engaging, informative workshops, seminars and keynotes on topics related to

  • Creating a successful work life
  • Achieving career success, based on the hot-off-the-press journal Career Success in 12 Easy Steps (to meet the author on YouTube, click here; to preview the book, click here)
  • Creating technical and business publications
  • Managing the projects in your professional and personal life
  • Starting and sustaining a business

What's new?

Looking for a keynote speaker, seminar leader, or other presenter?

Take a look at Judy's presentation, Keep Your Reservoir Full, related to Step 10 in her book, Career Success in 12 Easy Steps. Stay tuned for upcoming Thinking Forward events, where several speakers approach a common theme, aimed at big ideas for doing good in your communities of influence, from different perspectives. Take a look at the Thinking Forward website.

more webinars

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) continues to sponsor live Shenouda webinars. Both the presenation and recording are and made them available after the webinar through STC.

Presenting Career Success in 12 Easy Steps Workshops

Whether a new graduate entering the workforce; a seasoned worker transitioning to a new phase of your career; or a parent, mentor, or professional who guides others in their career development, the Career Success in 12 Easy Steps workshop may be the perfect too to jump start your careerl! Please contact us to learn more about upcoming workshops.

local author book fairs

meet the author

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps, authored and published by Shenouda, is now available to purchase. To meet the author on YouTube, click here. For a preview of the book covers, click here.

For book reviews and purchasing information, visit or your favorite online bookstore.

If you would like to arrange a book signing or other event, please contact Judy. Be sure to visit our News page for an excerpt from the book's press release.

social networking

Lots of folks are into social networking sites, and I'm following their lead! Look for the Career Success in 12 Easy Steps page on Facebook. Check out our blog. Find us on LinkedIn. Since I love to socialize and network in person, I hope to see you around — shoulder to shoulder, face to face.

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